Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our two days In Hobart

Finding a bakery in Hobart is difficult. Initially.

Then we found one just around the corner from our Hotel! (Daci Daci Bakers)

For dinner, we found fish and chips at the pier. One was called Fish Frenzy. Dunno if it is the "best fish and chips" but it was pretty good!

The first night at our hotel in Hobart, the fire alarm went off after 10 pm. It was interesting to see our "Singaporean response" - we looked at each other.

"Do you smell smoke?"



I opened the door to see if anyone was responding.

I found our "neighbours" were evacuating.

I told my wife, I think we should evacuate too.

We put on some clothes (including a jacket) and evacuated with our sleeping toddler.

On the streets we looked up and saw no smoke or fire. It was a false alarm, and we could return to our rooms after a bit.

We should have stayed in.

Quest Waterfront Hotel was picked for its proximity to the Salamanca market. We got an apartment with one bedroom. It was spacious. There was a kitchenette, but with a portable hot plate cooking hob. Two hobs. It was packed away. 

I realised that the mini bar prices were quite reasonable. Beer was about $7-$8 which was the same as restaurant prices. A cheese snack was $2.50. We got one at a supermarket for $2.90. The mini bar was cheaper (though for a smaller portion)! Of course not everything was cheaper. But where it was more pricey, it was not exhorbitantly so - $2.50 for water, compared to $2 in a few places we checked.

WiFi was iffy at times. Fortunately had prepaid SIM plan with data.

There were lots of tea, coffee, sugar, salt n pepper. The sea salt and cracked pepper would have been great for in room cooking, if we did any. I took some for our camper van portion of our trip later.

One interesting note: there seemed to be no housekeeping service on Sunday. Was it because it was Sunday? I dunno. I wanted to ask at checkout, but forgot. It was a minor matter anyway.

Salamanca market was all it was promised. I just wish I had an insatiable stomach to try every food it offered. That is my greatest regret.

Tried mead (fermented honey) for the first time. It was served warm. Nice.

I bought mead, biltong, and pepperberries to bring home. And apples to eat ($3 per kg, we got 5 for $2).

So my impression is that Tasmania is good for honey, apples, raspberries, whisky... And of course seafood.

We didn't have a chance to experience everything Hobart had to offer. That just means we have a reason to come back. Maybe in summer. I don't think there is a bad time to visit Hobart.

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