Sunday, April 22, 2018

Melbourne next

We were in Melbourne for 3 nights recently after over a week in Tasmania.

And we wished we had more time in Melbourne!

There is a lot to see in Melbourne, and we should see it all.

Our three nights were too short a time. We barely explored QV market - maybe 30% of it, if at all.

We didn't go for Puffing Billy.

We should aim for when Thomas is back. That would excite my daughter.

We didn't go to the zoo - either Melbourne Zoo or the Weeribee open range zoo.

And we only spent about half a day in Chadstone Shopping Centre. Or "Chaddy" to the locals. We need more time there!

The hotel (Pegasus Apart'Hotel) we stayed was great - it was near QV market, and would be quite well-served by the City Circle Tram (free!). And the free hotel shuttle by Skybus stop is just 20 metres from the Hotel. Very convenient!

We would stay there again!

It is well-equipped with a kitchenette but we didn't do any cooking during our last stay.

We would remedy that in our next visit.

The plan is to stay at least a week in Melbourne.

On Monday and Wednesday, when QV market is closed, we go to Chaddy.

There is a free shutte from Federation Square. So take free tram from hotel to Federation Square, and then take free shuttle to Chaddy!

My daughter just wants to go to Legoland Discovery Park, and then Toys 'r Us, and we wanna shop at Target, Kmart, and all the other shops.

Then when QV market is open, we go there.

My daughter can enjoy the performances by the buskers. And we can fully explore the market. And appreciate the fresh produce from the market, that we can cook in our apartment/hotel.

And when we are bored with it all, we can go to Puffing Billy or Weeribee Open Zoo, or take a day trip on the Great Ocean Road. Or a wine tour with Puffing Billy!

And oh gawd! I just realised we've turned into shopping tourists!

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