Sunday, July 23, 2017

Brick House Furano

Have you heard of Furano?

I first heard of Furano when an Ekiben I bought proclaimed that the beef was authentic Furano Beef. I had no idea what was so good about Furano Beef but like a tourist, I was duly impressed by the marketing.

I found the beef quite nice. I am not a gourmand to be able to explain WHY it's nice or HOW it's good, but I liked it.

And that's how I heard about Furano.

I was looking for accommodations for our coming trip to Japan, Hokkaido, and was considering whether to spend a day or so in Furano. Maybe meet up with some cows. Get some authentic Furano Beef.

And that's how I found Brick House, Furano.

Brick House, Furano seems like a quaint self-contained studio duplex (if that is not a contradiction in terms). Look at the link in the pictures.

Of course I found the place using (I'm used to the format and information provided and I can navigate the site quite well and quite quickly).

And I found these reviews:

In case you can't read the reviews, the first one is from a traveller from Malaysia. He (I presume) writes:

"To troublesome to follow all the small rules and r” the owner set too many rules and regulation for the people who rented the house. Too troublesome to follow all the small small rules. I'm regret to rent the house. I preferred to stay in house instead of this kind of house

The second review is from a Singaporean, but his comments are not particularly enlightening. The third review is also from a Singaporean, and it reads:
"Excellent”Host was very detailed with his instructions on how to use the different things in the room. Rooms were very clean too! 
My conclusion: Malaysians are lawless and hate to be restricted by rules and regulations.

Singaporeans need detailed instructions and are comfortable with rules are regulations.

Just my generalisation from reading two hotel reviews. :-)

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