Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Missing it all.

One of the reasons to visit Japan in Autumn is to catch the koyo (Autumn leaves/ autumn colours).

We left Tokyo, Japan on the 12.

Peak Koyo in Tokyo was on the 15.

We missed it by 3 days.

We were in Shinjukugoen on the 11th. It was rainy. Colours were muted. Trees were still mostly green.

It all changed on the 15th. And we missed it.

Then on the 24th, it snowed! In Tokyo! For the first time in 54 years it snowed in November.

And my daughter missed seeing and experiencing her first snow.

And maybe her first frostbite.

Before we visited Japan, it was hit by earthquakes. There were a few just before we arrived, with a last major one in late October (21st, I believe).

Then after we left, there were a few big ones, with the last one just 3 days ago - 21 Nov.

So my daughter missed her first earthquake too.

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