Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reminiscing about Omoshiroyamakogen

It was two years ago (21 Oct 2013) that PL and I trek from Omoshiroyamakogen to Yamadera

I was reminded of it because I noticed that there were more that the usual "activity" on this blog.

Someone was reading my travel blog!!!

Because they were searching for tips on hiking Omoshiroyama so they could hike it too.

Here's the blog piece.

They paid to climb 1015 steps at the temple at Yamadera. Good for them. I calculated that 1015 steps was more than 60 storeys. Thank you, but no thank you.

Maybe we should have, but we had the rest of the holiday to get through. We needed to conserve our strength. Wouldn't do to kill ourselves within two days of our arrival.

The pictures they took brought back memories. So I looked through mine.

And I couldn't help but think that I would like to go back there, maybe in November one year when the Autumn colours will be more obvious and it would be lovely.

In 2013, we went there because that was my original honeymoon plans. If we had gotten married in Oct.

But for logistics and other reasons, we got married in July 2013, and went to NZ for our honeymoon. (Which I just realised I never posted. Must rectify that soon... maybe...)

Anyway, we had a good time in NZ, though it was on the cold side.

Christchurch had a big Earthquake in 2011, and it was still recovering. many parts of the city were damaged and had either to be restored or demolished. It was a lovely city, with many lovely buildings. I wish I could see it before the quake, but then I might be heartbroken then.

But I really wanted to go to Omoshiroyama to see the autumn colours. So in Oct, a few months after my honeymoon, we travelled again to Japan. As was my original plan.

Oct 21 was a little early. There were some autumn colours, but I think it would have been more spectacular a week or two later.

Maybe I shall return. In a few years.

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  1. Hi, thanks for linking to my blog post which in turn had mentioned your blog post. I noticed your post here in my logs just as you'd noticed mine in your logs and round and round the circle goes, haha. Your original post really inspired us to go and seek out this hike. We've since moved on from Sendai but this day remains one of my fondest memories. Thanks again!