Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things you only learn firsthand II

Then there was the fresh water tank.

So the instructional video said to fill it up through the water intake and that there is overflow buffer of sorts, so there will be a little bit of overflow when the tank is full.

I had been careful to (try to) refill the water tank at every opportunity. But we have not used it much. Only for hand washing (after using the toilet) and maybe washing cups or plates.

So at four different occasions when I tried to fill the tank, the water almost immediately started to overflow. Once, the water shot out of the intake port. It should be full right?

Anyway, about a week in (or about 5, 6 days), we had no problems. Then one night the wife asked, "what's that noise?"

"It's the fridge," I answered.

"It didn't used to be so loud," said my wife.

"Maybe, it's because it's really quiet now."

And if it were the fridge, it would stop after a while. It did not.

I listened to the fridge, and tried turning it off. The sound - a motor vibration - continued.

It was not the fridge.

I tried the water faucet in the sink. Usually, when we used the water, the pump would go on. In this case there was no new sound. The sound we have been hearing had been the water pump trying to pump water in a dry tank. I turned off the water pump at the mains.

The sound stopped. I went out to refill the tank. This time, I set the water flow to slow. I could hear the tank take in the water like a thirsty beast. It took a while and I made sure the tank was full.

Then I turned on the water pump again. It hummed for a bit, got enough water in the system. Then shut off as it was supposed to do.

Yeah. The video said fill in the water thru the intake and that there would be some overflow. But until you do it first hand, you never really know.

Or I was an idiot.

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