Saturday, November 9, 2013

Musings of Restless Mind (MORM) on a Shinkansen.

On Shinkansen (and other express long-distance trains), the notice in front of the seats (over the tray table) goes, "be mindful that the noise (of your keyboard) may annoy other passengers" (or something to that effect).

On the Shinkansen from Shinagawa (Tokyo) to Kyoto, we sat beside a "Salaryman" (in a business suit) who was working on his laptop. (Placed on the tray table).

I glanced over to see what he was doing, and just saw some Windows icons.

The next thing I know, he had shut down his laptop and stowed it away, and listened to his ipod for the rest of the trip (he got off at Maibara).

I wondered, did my casual glance over to see what he was doing caused him to interpret that as "annoyance" at his keyboarding? Thus moving him to shut down his work?

Was he working at some sensitive stuff and so he was disinclined to continue with an inquisitive busybody siting next to him?

Why did he get off at Maibara at about 1 pm on a working day? Did he have business there? Was he sent by his office in Tokyo? Have they not heard of the telephone? Or conference calls? If it were a business trip, presumably the company should pay for the train ticket, but would it cover the costs of an ekiben (did not see him eating one). Or does he live in Maibara and commute to Tokyo for work? Why is he getting off work so early, then?

Or is he visiting his mistress in Maibara? Was he sending an email to her on the train: "On my way. Wear the cat costume I bought you. We'll save the Witch costume for Halloween." (The train trip was on Oct 30).

I wish I could have followed him off that train.

Musings of Restless Mind on a Shinkansen.

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