Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning Points and future plans

General points
- Stay a few days. Most places were interesting enough to stay more than a few days.

- Less is more. Go to fewer cities. Spend more days there.

- Remember rush hours in cities. Avoid travel on subways during the morning rush hour unless your travel plans involve experiencing the fabled "Train pushers" of the Tokyo metro.

We are planning a return to Japan in October to see the autumn colours. The plan is for a hike from Omoshiroyama-Kogen to Yamadera. This will be a day trip from Sendai.

After that, we may just travel up to Hakodate (by train) and visit Onuma Park. Perhaps Autumn colours would be nice there too.

Then we plan to go up to Asahikawa again, to re-visit the Izakaya with the spicy gyoza. And perhaps visit our friend, Cowboy. :-)

Then we will head down to Sapporo for a day or two, before heading back to Tokyo/Narita for our flight back.

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