Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hotel Route Inn Abashiri

This hotel is conveniently located opposite the Abashiri Train Station, and is easily accessible with a bus from Memanbetsu Airport (¥880). Just look for the bus to Abashiri Station.

The lobby is on the 2nd floor. Rooms come with free breakfast (the in-house restaurant is also on the 2nd floor) and is buffet style - Japanese and International (i.e. non-Japanese).

The in-suite bathroom/toilet is amazingly small with a deep but short tub. Good for Japanese style hot-tubbing if you do not care for the communal Onsen on the second floor. The hot water is VERY hot so be careful. I don't like the manual hot/cold mixer with separate hot/cold water but the water pressure was strong (we were on the top floor - 9th). I used the tub once, and had a good long soak after a day of driving.

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