Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preparations so far

As of today, we have booked our tickets from Singapore to Narita, booked most of the hotels, booked the domestic air tickets from Haneda to Memanbetsu, and Hakodate back to Tokyo (we wanted to go to Osaka but there were no direct flight from Hakodate to Osaka), booked rental cars for driving around in Hokkaido (Abashiri & Asahikawa regions - for the flowers), and booked a mobile 3G wifi (mifi) for the duration of our trip.

We just have 2 more nights not yet booked, and rail pass not yet bought.

1st April 2012


Rail pass bought! Two weeks pass for about S$1,400 for 2 persons. That's about $50 per day! We better use it lots!

JAL was to email the domestic tickets ($900) to me, but there has been some problems. 


2nd April

Update: Domestic tickets settled in early April. Minor delay. Travel Insurance bought. Everything set. Only two nights without hotel which we will wing it. Maybe try a capsule hotel?

14 days to go!

6 May

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