Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why there are no recycling bins in Nara

Recycling bins are ubiquitous in Japan.

And after you are used to them, Nara is like a wasteland for recycling bins.

But you might also have realised that trash bins are also quite scarce. Why? Here is an explanation of sorts.

But whatever the reason, the reality is, there are fewer trash bins in Japan than in most other cities.

Conversely, almost every drinks vending machine (and there are many) would have a can and bottle recycling bin right next to it for the convenience of the customer.

However, not in Nara.

Where there are many tourists.

Some from less... socially and civic conscious societies. Or who are just ignorant, and do not know the difference between a trash bin, and a recycling bin. And who throw their trash into the recycling bin. Which presents a problem when the recycling bin is collected or emptied.

So I think that after many frustrating incidents of recyclables being soiled or contaminated by trash, the recycling agents decided to withdraw their recycling bins from Nara.

So there are fewer recycling bins in Nara.

Blame it on the tourists.

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