Monday, November 4, 2013

Pupuru mobile wifi (MIFI)

This time around I chose the NTT DOCOMO service instead of the EMobile because NTT had wider coverage and I was going to Omoshiroyama and Yamadera where EMobile had no coverage.

The trade off was that the connection speed was slower. 

Another thing I noticed this time was that the battery seem to drain very fast. Not sure if it is a battery problem. Previously, I could turn on the unit several times a day without any problems. This time around, the battery would start to get distressingly low after about 3 hours. Or so it seemed.

Fortunately, this time around most of the hotels had free WIFI, so that took some burden off the MIFI.

I thought the device performed much better on the previous trip. This time around, it seemed a little less reliable. Could be coincidence.

The main reason I wanted it was for coverage at Omoshiroyama, but there was no coverage, and I didn't really need it. I may switch back to Emobile.

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