Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mt Fuji Pictorial

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The Fuji Tozen Densha tourist train serving Otsuki to Kawaguchiko stations

An elegant train.

With Tour Guide (selling sourvenirs)

As the train rolled along, we could see Mt Fuji...

Mt Fuji is shy... cloaking itself with clouds.

You have to wonder...

...what its like to live in the shadow of Mt Fuji?

To wake each day to see that serene majesty just there...

When others have to travel long and far to see...

... what you see everyday.

High winds tug at Mt Fuji's cloak of clouds.

Lake Kawaguchi at the foot of Mt Fuji.

Mt Kachi Kachi Ropeway (cable car).
Option to see Mt Fuji from a better vantage point.

Mt Fuji at 5.00 AM, uncovered.
The view from our hotel room

This was the view that greeted us...

While we were having tea (not really).
on the morning after we arrived.

Leaving the room and walking about 5 minutes we got this better view. But clouds were rolling in...

With the clouds rolling in...

... this time at a lower level, exposing the summit of Fuji-san

I zoomed in...

... even as the clouds rose up...

Our view was soon obstructed.

Mt Fuji covers up.

We walked along the lake.

There were wild flowers colouring the banks of the lake.

And after a while...

... Mt Fuji reappeared.

With just a hint of mist.

My Favourite shot of Mt Fuji

The Kawaguchi Bridge

Reflections of Mt Fuji

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