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Itinerary in Brief 20 May to 1 June.

My other post turned out longer than intended.

Here's the brief one.

Sun May 20
  -  Flight. SQ12 leaving Singapore at 9.25 AM, arriving at Narita at 5.30 pm
     (all times are the local time).
  - Hotel: 1 night at International Garden Hotel Narita

Mon May 21
  - Train from Narita to Haneda Airport
  - Domestic flight from Haneda (Tokyo) - JAL 1191 leaving at 4.55 pm, arriving 6.40 PM at Memambetsu Airport.
  - City Shuttle Bus from Memanbetsu Airport to Abashiri Train Station (Y840), Hotel is just opposite the train station
  - Luggage: Arranged for Ta-Q-Bin (a.k.a. Kuroneko, a.k.a. the Yamato Transport Service) at International Garden Hotel to send our heavy luggage to Hotel Loisir at Asahikawa as we checked out (Y3400).
  - Hotel Route Inn Abashiri (2 nights). 

Tue May 22
  - Rented Car from Nippon Car Rental to drive around Lake Saroma, up to Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park (Suzuki Impreza, with English GPS but map is in Japanese. Destination entered by telephone numbers which is not as precise as map code.)

Wed May 23
  - Train to Asahikawa leaving at 13.29
  - Walked to Hotel (about 15 minutes) mostly along the Midori-bashi Dori
  - Hotel Loisir Asahikawa - 2 nights
  - Reunited with Luggage sent from International Garden Hotel

Thu May 24
  - Car Rental, Nippon. Staff was fluent in English and GPS was much better. Staff marked locations map code in the directory for us. Honda Fit (if I recall). Drove to Takinoue in Mombetsu.

 Fri May 25
  - Train from Asahikawa to Sapporo on the Super Kamui leaving at about 11 am.
  - Possible to take the subway to either Susukino station, or Hosuisusukino station, then walk less than 5 minutes to the hotel, but we walked from the Sapporo station along the underground pedestrian walkway.
  - Hotel Mercure for 1 night only
  - Luggage: "Ta-Q-Bin-ed" bulky luggage to Hotel Ekimae, Hakodate as we checked out (Y3400) of Loisir Hotel.

Sat May 26
  - Train to Hakodate leaving at 12.22 pm
  - Hotel Ekimae, 2 nights. Just 300 m from the train station.
  - Reunited with luggage from Ta-Q-Bin-ed from Loisir Hotel.
  - Car Rental - 24 hrs 5 pm Sat to 5 pm Sun. Suzuki Impreza. Drove to Goryokaku park, Mt Hakodate Ropeway, and Onuma Park (Sunday).

Sun May 27
  - Rented Car - drove to Onuma park
  - Trams within Hakodate
  - Ta-Q-Bin-ed luggage to Shinjuku Prince Hotel. Hotel Ekimae does not charge upfront, but we pay on delivery/receipt at Shinjuku Prince Hotel.

Mon May 28
  - Bus to Airport (7.50 am)
  - Flight JAL 1162 leaving Hakodate at 9.45 am, and arriving Tokyo 11.15 am.
  - Then a lot of trains to Kawaguchiko Station (Haneda to Tokyo, then to Otsuki, then to Kawaguchiko)
  - Taxi to our hotel (Y890)
  - Hotel Route Inn Kawaguchiko - 1 night stay only.

Tue May 29
  - Taxi to Train Station (Y1300+, asked hotel to call the cab)
  - Train to Kyoto (Kawaguchiko to Shin-Yokohama, then shinkansen to Kyoto station)
  - Taxi from Kyoto Station to Hotel (could have taken subway from Kyoto to Keage station then walk a bit.).
  - Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo Hotel one night

Wed May 30
  - Exploring Kyoto by bus and trains
  - Kyoto Dai-Ni Tower Hotel - 1 night

Thu May 31
  - Train Shinkansen Kyoto to Tokyo, local trains to Shinjuku
  - walked to hotel at the Seibushinjuku station
  - Shinjuku Prince Hotel - 2 nights
  - Reunited with luggage. Paid delivery charged on receipt (was more expensive).

Fri Jun 1
  - Local trains to Ginza,  then to Akihabara, then back

Sat Jun 2
- Airport limousine (bus) to Narita
- SQ 11 leaving at 8.40 pm, arriving 2.15 am Singapore.

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