Saturday, May 19, 2012

Flight SQ 12 Airbus A380-800

The Biggest most Modern Aircraft in the world.

I hope it doesn't crash.

There have been all those incidents involving the Rolls-Royce engines - blowing up, catching fire etc.

Probably won't crash, but it could mean delays.

But that's all out of my hands.

What I can do is think about which seats to choose. The tip was to take the economy seats on the upper deck. Yes. There are economy seats on the upper deck.

And I had loaded the new iPhone App, SQ Mobile. 48 hrs before the flight, online check-in is open. Son on Friday morning, I use the App to get in. As usual, you have to be absolutely accurate in order to log in and check in. My surname didn't work, but I tried other combinations and eventually got in.

Except, it just had my name and not PL's name. I thought, maybe the system just takes one check in at a time. So I went ahead, checked in, and changed my seat from the lower deck to one on the upper deck with two seats.

Then I tried to check PL in. No luck. Tried every combination. Just won't get in!

So I switch to the desktop internet webpage and finally managed to check PL in.

Except... now the seat next to mine was taken!

Never mind, there's another seat in the next row. Switch! NO! System says there's a problem and to contact customer service (Tun-tun-tuuuun! Cue dreadful music!)

So I called customer service. push lots of buttons, no I am not a Krisflyer member. No, I'm not business class, suite, or first class passenger. Yes, I know all your customer service personnel are busy.

OK a live person is on the line. He sounds like he is in Mumbai. Or from Mumbai.

He says he can't do anything about it as one passenger is checked in and I should cancel my check in and re-check in and it should all be fine.


Goodbye to customer service personnel, and back to the online check in.

Except, there is no option to cancel my check-in. And all the seats are taken.


More on the flight in another post. It's now less than 12 hours to take off!

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